Electrical Switchboard Replacement in Melbourne

OlOld style fuses take 20% longer to operate and blow a circuit in case of an electrical Switchboard overload, having very high chances of catching fire. Installing safety switches can help regulate power and compartmentalize different sections of the house, such that the entire area’s power need not be taken out in case of a fault.

If you need a switchboard replacement for your home in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at MDT Electrical right away! You will get a team of professional technicians to replace and upgrade your switchboard to a better one.

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Customers often confuse between safety switches and circuit breakers. Safety switches protect you in case of faulty appliances while circuit breakers protect cables by thermally limiting current through cables.

Switchboard replacement involves proper planning of circuit breakers and safety switches and our team at MDT Electrical specialise in switchboard Replacement & upgrades. We provide switchboard replacement services across Melbourne at affordable prices with careful planning and execution. Call us today on 0422 496 799 for your switchboard replacement.

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