Electrical Wiring and Installation Specialists in Melbourne

When considering the electrical system in a house, the electrical wiring specialists are the most crucial aspect with respect to safety, functionality, and aesthetics in Melbourne. Compromising on electrical wiring for less expensive wiring services may lead to unnecessary expenses later. At MDT Electrical, we emphasize on our customer’s safety and longevity of electrical system.

Residential Electrical Wiring and Installation

There are certain factors that we consider while providing a house with electrical wiring:

  • Number of circuits required: Circuit breakers and safety switches are the primary requirement for safety during an electrical mishap. Providing options to upgrade them while installing the electrical wiring & electrical specialists will cut out all the hassle later.
  • Location of the outlets: The number of outlets a room should have depends on the size of the room and the appliances which may be installed in it. Most importantly, it depends on the requirement of the customer. Our professionals will listen to our customer’s necessities before installing the electrical wiring for the house in Melbourne.
  • Choosing the right option: There are different types of wiring such as lead sheathed wiring, surface conduit wiring, and concealed conduit wiring. They should be chosen based on the usage and requirement. For example, concealed conduit wiring is best for aesthetics. We make sure we talk to our customers and understand what they are looking for before deciding on a suitable wiring option.
  • Provision for extra power: Upgrades are always a possibility. Be it buying new appliances or installing a new lighting system, this adds on to the load. While wiring the house, we ensure we provide provisions for extra power to meet increased usages in the future.

We talk to our customers and give them a complete run through of the process so that our customers know what exactly is going behind powering up their house. Contact us today on 0422 496 799to schedule a consultation.

Electrical Wiring in a city apartment